Week 4

Week four of MKMMA is taking its effect on me.  I am allowing my DMP to manifest it’s self within my very soul. ” Wax on Wax off ” is beginning to bring changes to my thought process, and I am learning to let those processes operate without any interference from ME!  Re-learning how to let my subby do what it does best which is leed me to let go of some of the things I have thought I needed to do ( just to please other people and do what was expected of me) and let my true passions find themselves.

I am now tackling a new project which excites me and truly captures my imagination. New insights are coming to me daily, and the people who can help me with my venture seem to be lining up almost magically.

I am certainly looking forward to what week 5 holds!


About Me

Hi.  My name is Terry Fletcher.  I live in Redfield Arkansas, a small town just North of Pine Bluff. I was born in Tucson Arizonia, but  lived most of my life in Bakersfield California. I am the proud father of two boys ( twins ) age 26, who both live in Palm Springs California, a step-daughter age 21 who just gave birth to my 3rd grandchild a few hours ago, and 2 daughters ages 14 and 12 that both live with me.

At this point I find myself going through quite a transition in life.  I am going through a divorce after an18 year tumultuous relationship.  The business that I was a part of ran into financial problems and could not pay, so I reluctantly had to move on.  The new company I joined has not yet delivered on the promisses it made, and 3/4 of my team ended up being placed up line of me.  So, that being said, I find myself starting over on a lot of different levels.

The good news however is that Sunday September 27th was my birthday, and also the day of my new birth through MKMMA.   I have been self employed most of my life, and find myself going through a re-evaluation of past ventures, the cycles of success and failure, and what I have learned.

I am excited by my new found pathway to enlightnment.  MKMMA is opening up my eyes to reveal the things I already knew, but had put out of play in my life.  Forming new habits after years of practicing old ones is not easy (neither is learning to blog, especially for a private person like myself) but I know the rewards will be worth it.